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Hope some of the None Cardiff lot makes it. be great if my worlds can collide :)
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Oh new app is shiney

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Jul. 28th, 2010 03:38 pm
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An old housemate of mine has asked about child trust funds recommendations and on here I know there are a new mums

So is there any??

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I saw my mum and I think I saw Paul. But he as usual stayed in his room. I saw dave sat night.

I went to Salisbury with my mum and had great fun there. But trying to fun Catherine street was funny as all we had was google maps. But at least we had that!!

But it was nice to talk and wonder about with her. Then we went to see the oldies. Nina is awesomely well and is the healthiest old person in the family tree. My grandfather had no idea who I was. That upset me a small bit but then he has dementia it ain't getting better.

Sunday saw j and Kate and it was lovely to see them but I left them to drive home. I don't sleep well when I'm not with that husband of mine and sleeping on a broken old bed nite one managed it was shattered nite two ended up on the couch.

So on the drive home I ate sugar and stuff to stay awake and now now I crash from it all. So sent myself home and now I curl up watch narnia.

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Jul. 13th, 2010 08:38 pm
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I write like
Chuck Palahniuk

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

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Three Kingdoms Live Roleplay

Classic high fantasy live roleplay in the breathtaking Stockwood Iron Age Village.

Pre-booked Player Ticket: £30
Gate booked Player Ticket: £35
Monster Ticket: Free
Catering Option: £20 (approximately, payable on day)

Information & Booking

Rule System
TK_Rules_Dead_Mans_Hand_expansion.pdfEvent Facebook Group!/event.php?eid=137041656320814

Three Kingdoms Forum

The Story So Far...
In just 12 short months, a new power seems to have arisen in the sleepy South-Eastern counties of Ashera. The strangely youthful necromancer, Shanrel son of Velanor, has been raising ever larger armies of undead to plague the living. He has gained two of the infamous Books of Necromancy and now desperately hunts for the third and final one.

Lord Harlan, a nobleman from the area, is hiring adventurers from every land to find the third book, and prevent Shanrel's ascendancy to power. He seems to have an interest in stopping Shanrel, and as the Lord who hanged Shanrel’s father, perhaps he feels a responsibility for this rampage of destruction and evil. Whatever the reason, he is throwing his considerable resources into the fight to track down and stop Shanrel.

With his Army of Death now including the revenant bodies of criminals hung by Lord Harlan, Shanrel is becoming a threat to the entire Three Kingdoms, not just one small part of Ashera. He needs to be stopped somehow, but he seems able to move with incredible speed.

Half-garbled rumours and brief sightings say that Shanrel is now heading North into Tarack, probably seeking the third Book, and it looks like a race to the prize everyone is seeking so urgently. But who will win that race, and what price are they willing to pay?
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Social gathering of peeps

This weekend C and a attention In sunny Peterborough

Next weekend lrp and doctors and stuff (so cant be in Andover which sucks)

I need to go home and see the oldies (think I can call family that) as haven't been home In a long time

Need to sort

Time with my mum haven't seen her in far too long

Need to send husband to Wales (looks at n sort it out)

Need to sort time with a and k

Need to sort time with bro and sis

Need to sort time with niece and Sis

Need to visit aunty v too

Been meaning to be more social this year and see people etc I've failed so far as so much is happening happened. Hasn't helped quiting lrp and starting again in a new system. New kingdoms is awesome btw.

So if I promised you something and haven't delivered I'm sorry.

Life will resume as normal

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Jun. 17th, 2010 08:59 am
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Sitting in a basment of a cottage that our landlord decided to extend underneath and rent out. Its in the centre of bowness on windermere. And although it's not got the beautiful views and stuff it's a lovely one floored place to be our base of exploration.

When staying in the tent as we usually do on hols we end up being in the middle of nowhere. This time we can walk to a pub or anything we want!! We always seem to be coming back to bowness for foods!!

So we have driven the pass that made alan turn round Years ago and had a picnic there. We have seen all Beatrix potter stuff here. And to be honest it's not really worth it but I've seen an ober doll house I want when I grow up!! It's cool though that the house next door to hill top that she built to house a farmer so she got hill top as a cottage is still inhabbited by a farmer and his family. It's amazing what one rich woman did for this place. In fact she probably kepted the lake district beautiful by doing what she did. Just by buying up the land.

Wray castle has plans in place to be turned into a hotel how awesome will that be!!

We have done so much together it's nice. Although alan is loving the roads!!!

Today is go on a steam train day tomorrow
Is explore the lakes and then Saturday we come home.

Ohh seen robin hood historic movie my arse but a good movie so glad I stayed away from reviews and any other ohh this is what u can see about it sites!

Rewatched the whole of the lord if the rings and rewatching the extras. Haven't seen them since the DVDs were bought!

It's still strange to me that over the times those films were released I was seeing different people and I saw the movies with those different people.

Two towers was still in the cinema when I met alan as well!! But by the time the last one was released we were living together.

But re Reading the black magician triology by trudi canavan. And as I can't wait to find out what's happening next I will leave you lj peeps In peace.

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Jun. 13th, 2010 12:59 pm
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So day one we drop the cats off at the Cattery and drive four hours to the lakes. Get Here at two so had a look around winderemere and grabbed leaflets as we had no idea what we wanted to do!

Alan is fufilling a promise made in the first year of our relationship he takes me to the lakes!!

Yesterday watched a couple of movies after exploring the area we are in for the week. Walked miles to
Find a shop to this morning find one around the corner! Today is wet so went on a cruise to an aquriem. The cottage appartment thing is lovely. Although a bit low in belongs for alan!!!

So so far having a wet holiday. How's everyone else?

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We killled the lich king last night slightly before the raggas who was struggling longer with him.

But we achieve our goal and although some are gutted they weren't there at the moment I'm feeling awesome.

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Having a weekend in Leeds with Emmy craig and James. Slepted in the front room on the air bed and got air bed sickness! Alan moved I was raised up and down and so have spent today being asleep or being a bit grumpy!!

But we have played games lots of magic and hopefully all had fun. Even emmy who has ME and so has slepted lots.

The tradtion of a bank hol in may is in tact. Soon to go home! Where my own bed will be calling me

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May. 26th, 2010 12:42 pm
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Is now damson wine colour. I couldn't stand the highlights growing out any longer and alan said well I've seen you with brown hair now do what you want!!!

(when we met I had gone red head as me and my then housemate was bored!)

June for hols is really close. Can't wait to be In a cottage with Alan.

Guild is going ok we are looking at the lich king. But the sign up
Sheet is so confusing for raids. But still a lovely bunch. Hydra is now a real friends guild and everyone has their own tab in the guild bank!!!

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So first time playing erienne this weekend in a few years. It was fun instead of being pushed into fights I could hide!!!!

Personnel plot not been used yet but hey it was fun watching others come alive

I love this system part from the welsh location so too expensive for us every month But i would recommend it the fact a small system it has that personal touch and everyone is lovely

So Sharon as a fighter sucks Sharon being able to hide and heal wins.

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So my date goal is around the corner. Just need to book a day off in July get alan to book one two get an appointment then try and be more patient.

It's not as far as I think but boy does it feel years away!!!

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That losing this weight that I have I don't know what the end is. I know where I like to be clothes size wise. But the weight side doesn't bother me.

I have a dress that alan bought for me the first time around size 18 it's beautiful and that's my goal.

But apparently I should have a weight goal too.

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Every where I look everyone is talking poltics. This year is the first my plan of voting is not there.

This year is the first time since being18 I've paid attention

Looks like the parliament will be hung looks like our independent guy has support

Hopefully whatever happens it's postive for us all

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You get so many event reports. ESP lt and malestrom and it comfirms how much I don't miss it. I love the fact so many do. But i'm sticking to three kingdoms.

My keen for lrp is back but tiny systems only

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Wow an ok film but the wow factor comes in as it's a real story.

It's about s teacher that has grand ideas of how to teach kids in a gang war zone school. Half the kids are tagged. All aren't expected to graduate. Let alone live that long. All are said not to be able to read what's the point in teaching them

The teacher grows with them and learns shocking horrible things these kids saw in the nineties. And teaches them what they have in common. Only one kid had heard of the holecauast. One. All of them had been shot at and have least lost one friend to gang violance.

They wrote a book. And it was made a film. Which film 4 showed. Which I watched.

These kids related to Anne frank and a lass that grew up in Bosnia in the war. They got people that knew them to come to their school

I was in awe. I was impressed and would recommend it to all. Makes my life seem tame even though I saw some of the violance these kids or now adults saw

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Bah the event now cancelled. ok I understand why but bah

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